Sian Austin

Isle of Wight
United Kingdom

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I have been very lucky to have found the yogic path early on in this life!

Coming from London, where my first environment was loud and busy but enabled me to absorb many different cultures, and understandings of the world.
Then after moving to the Isle of Wight, where the quietness and serenity of the countryside nurtured the stillness within me; I found yoga.
From then I was inspired to practice weekly, with asana, pranayama and meditation.
After a few years I attended my first yoga holiday in France, then in India.
Whilst traveling a few years ago with my fiancé in China, we enrolled on a Shaolin kung fu course for 1 month, where I practiced and introduced yoga to the monks.

After coming back to do my Yoga teacher training in Ashtanga/vinyasa, now at 25 years old I am loving the journey of sharing the teachings at home, and around the world.

Always emphasising the fun, carefree element of the physical practice, and the humbling, serene importance of the mental practice.
..... Ultimately loving life with a smile.


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