Silvia Facciabene

Turin TO

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Born in Turin on 04.07.1974
He began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 2004 and after several in-depth workshops, in the same year, he discovered Hatha Yoga.
This will lead in 2008 to attend the Ysico-school course for yoga trainers under the auspices of the Oriental Studies department of the University of Turin.
Since then, in parallel to teaching, he attended several workshops and residential seminars deepening the themes of pranayama, dharana and yoga nidra.
Furthermore, the study of traditional texts, with particular attention to the Bhagavad-Gita, will lead her to make several trips of study-knowledge in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
"I consider yoga one of the most precious gifts, I like to call my classes a practice shared; Love and marriage, the most profound teaching and important that this ancient practice bequeaths to us "


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