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Yoga Retreats and Sacred Rituals in the South of Spain *** Private One-to-One classes (with therapeutic background, 24 years of teaching experience) *** All Level Weekly drop-in Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Aerial Yoga classes in the beautiful ocean front room of the Hurricane Hotel *** Cacao Ceremonies *** Seasonal, Solstice and Equinox Rituals *** Workshops sharing my LOVE for: Raw Chocolate - Health Food - Conscious Dance & Movement Meditations - Transformational Breathwork - Music Circles *** Themed Yoga classes and lovingly crafted Rituals and Ceremonies for Festivals, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Blessings that inspire a sense of community *** Guided Meditations *** Holistic Physio & Craneo Sacral Therapy *** English, Spanish and German spoken

My healing work began as a licensed Craniosacral- and Physiotherapist and certified Tantra and Ashtanga Yoga teacher in 1997. When I lived in Vienna I worked for over a decade at a Health and Dance Club and became an enthusiastic practitioner of all forms of Dance and Yoga. In 2002 I brought my deep love for embodied movement to the South of Spain. I have since then worked with thousands of individual clients as well as held space for 25 years on the yoga and dancefloor. My strength is to guide group energy through an experience with the Divine, using rituals to build faith, a sense of interconnectedness and personal empowerment. I am here to help create sacred spaces to connect with oneself, each other and our beloved Earth.

Throughout my studies across the world, many different cultures and Shamanic traditions inspired me towards a deep reverence for nature. I feel a call to rediscover and protect the wild inside of us.
In my Yoga classes I encourage you to follow the free pulsation of your breath, so your movement naturally expands and becomes less linear, but more explorative. All movement thrives on our openness and curiosity about what is possible. When practicing this during yoga, we will flow with more ease and spontaneity and empower our somatic intelligence. This refines our ability to sense and experience the less known aspects of ourself.
Let's work together to become the most free and inspired version of our Self!

Our constantly changing circumstances of body, mind and heart require a compassionate teaching style which goes way beyond intelligent alignment. My yoga practice stimulates self inquiry and intuition. I see magic happening when we show up authentically to explore our uniqueness. When we tap into the wisdom of ancient memories, recalling desired emotional states in certain asanas, we consciously use the creative force of our limitless mind. A revolutionary approach to get out of the shape based yoga practice into the vast field of spirit. Through a series of significant and life threatening health challenges, my teaching evolved towards a more curious and receptive style. I discovered the creative healing power of my mind when confronted with cancer and a paralyzed leg. I am in awe that after I underwent a full hip replacement I regained total flexibility through yoga. I am confident that everything I experienced helps me to better guide you through any challenges you are facing.

Everywhere I go, I see a universal thirst for the sacred, for meaning, hope and purpose. Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going back to our roots is like coming home. In bringing back ancient rituals, we honor what gives us life, what feeds us in this existence as a spiritual and human being. Rituals invite us to tune in to our inner-guidance and to take action from a place of “in-spiration" rather than habit and our "to do" list. They evoke deep, heartfelt emotions, like gratitude, and help us to tune in to a high vibrational field of energy that is even more powerful if shared between many and over an extended period of time. To share these sacred moments with others during my retreats or in ceremonies is a powerful experience, builds a sense of community, of wonder and infinite respect. In the last decade I have worked with various indigenous traditions and have brought this inspiration into all that I am doing. With great respect and love I facilitate regular sacred traditional Cacao Ceremonies in the South of Spain.

My inspirations
I am so grateful to my grandparents who were my first spiritual inspiration. I bow to all the dedicated teachers who crossed my path and the long lineage of shamans, mystics and yogis who kept these rich traditions alive. I acknowledge my deepest influences including:
Ashtanga, Prana Flow, Anusara & Sri Daiva, Kundalini, Dance and Movement therapy, Non-dualistic Tantric philosophy, Meditation, Transpersonal spiritual and personal inquiry, Shamanism, Transformative Breathwork, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Poetry, Kirtan and Music, Music, Music…

I feel blessed to be part of the awakening of consciousness. Seeing the connection, healing and growth of those that I work with continually inspires me.

Take your Yoga practice to the beach!
“Tarifa Beach Yoga” in the Hurricane Hotel offers you the convenience of a wind- and weather protected peaceful indoor space while enjoying stunning views to Africa and one of Tarifa’s most beautiful surf beaches. Also during the winter months our studio stays cozy and heated. All year around you have the option to use the sauna, hammam or jacuzzi after your yoga practice.

I teach all level group classes in English and Spanish at the following times in the beautiful oceanfront studio of the Hurricane Hotel:

Thursday & Saturday 11.30-13.00 Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Hurricane Hotel, N340 km78, 11380 Tarifa, Cadiz

*** RATES ***
Single class Vinyasa Flow or Aerial Yoga 15€
6 classes, 2 months valid 75€
12 classes, 2 months valid 120€
Please sign up for any class as we got limited space
Ocean views, mats and props provided. Just bring your smile!

I utilize Wim Hof and Taoist Transformational Breathing techniques to maximize oxygen absorption in our cells. The creative fluid sequences are grounded in modern therapeutic alignment. Fascia-oriented functional movement invites you to explore a natural, curvy, dynamic posture when practicing asanas. I offer new flavors in each class: dynamic and strong, flowy and playful, or gentle and introspective.
Consciously using the creative force of our limitless mind offers a revolutionary approach to get out of the shape based yoga practice into the vast field of Tantric approach incorporates both the physical and mystical aspects of the practice of yoga. In my Yoga classes I make it a ritual to connect to the spirit of the place, to be in conscious relationship with the land that we are living on, the elements that surround us, honouring the seasons and our changing energy levels.
All classes are mixed level with alternatives for beginners as well as experienced yogis. I keep each practice fresh and challenging but accessible to students of all ages and stages.

Rejuvenate your spine and strengthen your core with this creative and alignment-based style of yoga. With the FlyHighYoga belt, you are able to do regular yoga poses (and other gravity defying moves) in a supported way. It keeps all the precise elements of Iyengar yoga while making the progression of your practice easier, more intense and more fun!

This type of yoga practice is also called anti-gravity or suspension yoga because for part of the session, you will be suspended off the ground. For those with a solid yoga practice, aerial yoga provides a new take on the traditional yoga practice as well as assistance during more challenging postures. For beginners, it offers a level of support in each pose to help you practice proper alignment while flexibility and strength improve.

Do you suffer a back pain due to sitting too much? Or slouching as a postural habit? All of your recurring pains and discomfort can be eased by a simple daily 15-minutes routine. But better yet, to experience a more extensive relieve and to train your core, a regular aerial yoga practice is highly suggested – almost prescribed!

Make sure you give it a try and feel the positive change in your life!
Suitable also for Beginners! Please reserve your spot with me as we have limited space!

*Relieves compression in the spine and joints.
*Challenges your central nervous system, mental capacity and proprioception.
*Refines and improves the alignment.
*Strengthens the core.
*Creates balance, stability and coordination.
*Helps to prevent muscular imbalances in your upper back by supporting your shoulder’s pulling strength.
*By counteracting gravity you can move more freely, with less effort, therefore improving overall flexibility.
*Offers cardio-metabolic benefits.
*Gets your adrenaline going and also releases “happy” hormones like serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, which boost your mood and help you feel more energetic.
*The inverted postures and stretches create different movements in your digestive system and help with issues like constipation or indigestion.
*Helps to detoxify the circulatory and lymphatic system.
*Rejuvenating effects by regulating the internal body’s functions and nourishing the skin.
* Beginner-friendly! With the added support of the Fly High Yoga belt, new students can play with posture and alignment while building the strength to execute yoga poses on their own.

When you book a private session with me, you get the unique personal attention of a teacher and therapist with 25 years of experience who will give you the expert support and encouragement you need.

My private yoga sessions work around your schedule with the convenience of either practicing in the comfort of your home, in my house in Tarifa, outside in nature (weather permitting) or in the oceanfront yoga studio of the Hurricane hotel. Become the alchemist of your own transformation by choosing whatever practice you need to bring balance to your present situation.

I tailor private sessions with a therapeutic background to meet your fitness and health goals, adapted to your individual needs and wishes.

* Highly recommended for Beginners to feel and understand the main principles of alignment for their unique body before joining a group practice.
* For experienced Yogis who wish to break through specific functional barriers or want to enliven a particular energy centre of their body.
* Mentoring for yoga teachers who want to level up their teaching skills, through creative sequencing, sharpening techniques or designing inspiring class themes.

Lovingly crafted themed yoga classes, rituals and ceremonies for Festivals, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Blessings that inspire a sense of community.

Rewire your mind and transform your reality, creating brain and heart coherence for self-healing and to go beyond your current limitations. Sitting and dynamic meditation, guided relaxation and meditation techniques.

Scheduling a private session during a busy week can help you through an especially stressful time and stay on track with your practice when you cannot join group classes.

Are you ready to love again the stranger that was your self?
One-on-One Sessions 90 minutes
English, Spanish and German spoken.

*** Pain? Start feeling better NOW! ***

Holistic Physiotherapy: manual techniques to mobilize soft tissue and joints, reduce swelling, inflammation or restriction.

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

Personal Training and Sports Rehabilitation after injury or pre/post surgery in the gym.

Pilates: one-on-one or small groups.

Raw, ceremonial grade cacao has been used for centuries to unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions, and connect to pure heart energy.
We channel this beautiful healing plant medicine combining elements of shamanic ceremony, gentle heart opening movement, guided meditation with live Medicine music and a yummy dose of Ecstatic Dance!
I facilitate regular Cacao Ceremonies in nature, at festivals, in urban yoga studios, as a highlight at the end of yoga retreats or yoga teacher trainings, building a sense of community and celebration.

As a potent antioxidant, anti-depressive and vitamin-rich superfood, in its most natural, raw form, the Cacao bean is a truly powerful entity and has been used for thousands of years as both a medicinal and ceremonial tool.
Because of Cacao’s ability to increase our sensitivity, our connection to our inner self and our heart, it aids in any transformational shift we are working towards, whether it is to deepen our understanding of who we are, release old patterns, or move into a more self-confident space.
One of the main active ingredients that we experience in our physiology during ceremony is Theobromine. It literally translates as God-Food and potentiates the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone. This, alongside phenethylamine, which is known to help relieve stress and depression, and which is released in the body during emotional euphoria, create heightened sensation and empathy. The high amount of nutrients in the cacao nourish the body, whilst also inducing a detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys.
For the ceremony we use highest quality, hand picked ceremonial cacao direct from the Mayan homelands in the Lago de Atitlan region in Guatemala. It supports indigenous Mayan communities in the rainforests who intentionally source, process and bless this ancestral medicine with high frequencies of love, service, compassion, abundance and purpose. The Cacao elixir I brew for this ceremony fuses the elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth together with Prayer and Love. A touch of Spice sparks the Cacao into unleashing its power into our systems.

Together with this powerful plant medicine we create sacred space through ritual, guided meditation, gentle bodywork, beautiful music and free movement/ecstatic dance. We use the power of intention setting and prayer to deepen the heart connection and to open up to the healing that the Cacao Spirit Ixcacao offers.
Let your spirit fly on a tapestry of live sacred Medicine music, guided voice, guitar, didgeridoo and percussion instruments. To guide you through this heart opening journey, we tap into our experience of decades working with plant medicine in various indigenous traditions. We are sharing our love with deep respect and reverence for the ancient teachings and elders that we are blessed to receive from.

Each and every one of our bodies is a unique musical instrument. Every one of us is born to sing. These workshops are dedicated to exploring ways to tap into our unique voice. Freeing the voice is freeing the person.
Depending on the workshop we explore a variety of Medicine music of Andean, Amazonian and Astral origins or dive deeper into Indian mythology through chanting mantras. In order to channel the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit, we intersperse each session with rejuvenating moments of meditation, intention setting and yoga.
By combining sound, breath and rhythm, music meditation regulates brain-hemisphere imbalances and kindles an exhilarating, joyful mood.
Our voice serves as a bridge between the inner world and the outer world, merges our finite identity with the infinite. Participants often experience a profound sense of unity, well-being and timelessness.
No previous musical experience is necessary.

In these workshops I am sharing with you my love for preparing
High quality, raw, plant-based Chocolate, pure medicine for the heart
Superfood drinks as an alternative to alcohol, so you can get the high without the hangover
Pro-biotics like Water Kefir and Fermented Vegetables
Ayurvedic Breakfasts
Healthy Desserts
Full day Workshops combining Yoga and Gourmet Vegan Cooking in collaboration with my favourite chefs from

Ecstatic dance is an ancient practice that has been revered as a way to meditate, evoke visionary experience, and connect with spirit.
It helps to restore the vital flow of energy in the body. Through movement we can connect to our soul as our true essence. Music inspires us to express our unique dance as a reminder of the medicine we hold in our hearts, minds and bodies. It becomes a source of personal discovery, wonder and healing. It can also challenge us to grow and expand, to become aware and let go of patterns that no longer serve us.
Ecstatic dance is a non-verbal journey towards openness and freedom. Beyond the mind our body can express in an atmosphere of non-judgement. The dance and the music serve as portals to connect and relate with yourself and others in the most intimate, sincere way.
In this workshop we explore a variety of transformative tools, like Shaking, Blindfolding, Transformative Breathwork, Free movement and Meditation.

*** ASANA LAB ***
Do you sometimes wonder if you are really doing a pose safely or why a certain pose continues to be extremely challenging even after lots of practice? Learn the finer detail of more advanced postures in one of my Yoga Asana Labs! These unique classes will concentrate on alignment and the subtler aspects of certain poses while breaking down the components needed for steady, strong and easeful postures.
Asana Labs will improve your awareness of how to prepare for certain postures while also giving you the tools to recognize and correct common misalignments.
Depending on the topic some Asana labs are opened to all practitioners and others are more suitable for experienced yogis!


Retiros de Yoga y Rituales Sagrados en el Sur de España *** Clases particulares (trabajo terapéutico, 23 años de experiencia) *** Clases semanales de Yoga Vinyasa Flow y Yoga Aéreo de todos los niveles en la hermosa sala en frente al mar del Hotel Hurricane *** Ceremonias de Cacao *** Rituales de temporada, solsticio y equinoccio *** Talleres compartiendo mi AMOR por: Chocolate crudo - Comida sana - Baile - Meditación - Respiración consciente - Circulos de Música *** Clases de yoga, rituales y ceremonias diseñados para festivales, bodas, aniversarios, cumpleaños, bendiciones que inspiran un sentido de comunidad *** Fisioterapeuta holística y terapia Craneo Sacral *** Inglés, Español y Alemán hablado

El trabajo curativo de Silvia comenzó como Fisioterapeuta Craneo Sacral y profesora certificada en Tantra y Ashtanga Yoga en 1997. Su trabajo en el “Health and Dance Club” Viena durante más de una década la convirtió en una entusiasta practicante de todas las formas de Danza y Yoga. En 2002 Silvia trajo su profundo amor por el movimiento libre al sur de España. Desde entonces, ella ha trabajado con miles de clientes individuales y ha guiado practicas de yoga y baile durante 25 años. Una de sus virtudes es su capacidad de guiar la energía de grupos a través de una experiencia con lo Sagrado, usando rituales para construir fe, un sentido de interconexión y empoderamiento personal.

A lo largo de sus estudios en todo el mundo, muchas culturas y tradiciones chamánicas diferentes la han inspirado a una profunda reverencia por la naturaleza. Silvia siente una llamada a redescubrir y proteger lo salvaje dentro de nosotros.

Su práctica de yoga es una exploración de movimiento intuitiva y única, que crea curiosidad sobre lo que es posible y un fluir con más espontaneidad. Esto refina nuestra capacidad de sentir y experimentar los aspectos menos conocidos de nosotros mismos y potencia nuestra inteligencia somática.

Un enfoque revolucionario para salir de la práctica de yoga lineal basada en la forma y entrar en el vasto campo del espíritu. Una invitación a sintonizar con nuestro yo interno, nuestra guía interna y reconocer una memoria y sabiduría antigua que va mucho más allá de la alineación inteligente.

Silvia diseña sesiones privadas con un fondo terapéutico para tus necesidades.

Con gran alegría y amor, ella facilita ceremonias tradicionales de Cacao en el Sur de España. Silvia aprovecha su conocimiento de décadas dedicadas a seguir el camino del yoga, así como sus experiencias trabajando en diversas tradiciones indígenas. Ella comparte el amor por la medicina del Cacao de una manera sincera y desde el corazón.
♡ Sobre la Ceremonia de Cacao:
En este espacio sagrado que creamos juntos, consumiremos una dosis ceremonial del más puro cacao orgánico crudo hecho a mano en Guatemala.

Invitados por esta medicina ancestral, y apoyados por la meditación, el tambor chamánico, la música en vivo y el movimiento libre, seremos guiados a conectarnos en un nivel más profundo con nosotros mismos y entramos en un espacio verdaderamente enriquecedor y alegre.


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