Simon Marrocco

Tweed Coast NSW

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Simon has been practising and teaching yoga for over 30 years. He has been teacher-training many yoga teachers in Australia since 1989, when he founded his first yoga center in St Kilda, Melbourne, St. Kilda Iyengar Yoga School, SKYS, He went on to create the Yoga Gurukul retreat centre in 2005 in the idyllic and beautiful Tweed Coast rainforest region of northern NSW.

He teaches all over Australia and internationally, he is a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher level and makes it a point to travel to India regularly.
Simon has trained many yoga teachers in Australia.
Through his personal relationship with BKS Iyengar Simon has understood that Yoga is a vast rich and limitless sky to unite and work with. Simon's brand is classical Iyengar yoga which he calls WHOLISTIC YOGA.

In addition to a deep understanding and practice of yoga asana (postures), pranayama, meditation and mantra, Simon has combined his love for chanting with his love for a stratocaster.

As a side project Simon had some time on his hand and started recording again since his band The Mood in the early 80’s. He wrote 10 songs and collaborated with producer Jeff Martin from the Tea Party to create the album Samskara Radio. A glorious mix of psychedelic hard driving Americana rock with just enough blend of electronica. The album was released in July 2014 and now Simon has formed a band self titled Samskara Radio, they have done a few live gigs and at the moment working on the next album.

Week of July 26TH

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