Simon Scott

Venice, CA
United States

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Simon is a practitioner of Kambô and studied his art in Colombia, South America. While working with other natural teachers, such as Ayahuasca, Yopo and San Pedro, Simon encountered Kambô and started working with it personally.

After gratefully receiving many deeply profound gifts from the spirit of the Kambô, Simon committed himself to a path of learning, so that he could help others to receive the boundless healing that Kambô offers.

Now a dedicated healer and meditator, Simon creates a safe and grounded space for people to receive the Kambô medicine. Simon simply acts as a anchor, grounding the ceremony while you work towards your higher purpose; shedding that which is no longer serving you.

Simon is also an avid gardener, photographer, and artist. He has a deep love for nature and his ever unfolding relationship to the mystery. His sensitivity and compassion are tremendous gifts to those that choose to work with him.


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