Simona Besozzi

Co Dublin
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Seeker and traveller, with a degree in Foreigner Literatures, I’ve been living abroad since 1999.
I grew up in a family where holistic treatments and artistic expressions are our first choice when it comes to healing. When I was 16 years old I was introduced to meditation and yoga practice by Gian Vittorio Cappelletto, an open minded Jesuit.
Trained by Alicia Giménez (é.com), Paula Acuña Padmini () and Amelie Strecker (), since 2010 I’ve been teaching Postural Movement Education following the Estarbé Method, Meditation techniques and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.
I’m a Reiki master, Tapping (EFT) facilitator and I did an initial training in Arts Therapy as well.
The main purpose of my classes, workshops and therapeutic sessions is to teach people of all ages how to be aware and responsible for their own health and wellbeing from a physical, mental and emotional point of view and how to acquire more beneficial habits in their daily life.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Relaxing Method

I attended some sessions and found it very relaxing and the guru is very accommodating, friendly and able to share her views on Yoga and Meditation. I will come back soon when heading to Dublin. All the Best.

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A great and friendly teacher perfect for beginners.

Simona is a really good teacher for beginners. She's patient and always try to find the best position for your body. Furthermore she's really friendly and I love joining her class every week just to relax and have a good time. After few class you can already see the change on your body. I will definitely recommand her.

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Simona is a wounderful soul and amazing teacher.I highly recomend her classes
Yogapollensa CEO

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Posturología y Yoga

Sus clases tienen un plus, el plus es ella: su energía, su dinamismo. La clases avanzan progressivamente, con tiempo para todo, del YAN al YIN.
Destacaría su capacidad para transmitir sus conocimientos, su trabajo le apasiona y eso se nota, está en el plus.
Recomiendo absolutamente sus clases, te ayudarán a conectar con tu cuerpo físico y poco a poco de lo más externo empezarás un viaje hacia el interior, un lugar donde hay mucho por descubrir

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The best guide to your practice

Practicing yoga with Simona is always something wonderful. She takes good care of adjusting the practice to each person´s capacity (whenever this is possible due to the number of participants) and she is also very aware of when she is pushing you to your limit so she is very careful to help you get the best of the class in the physical and mindful sense. With her guidance my practice has evolved into a more conscious and joyful experience that remains present even after the class has finished. She is very thorough and committed, and you can tell from what you see in the class that she takes her time to prepare each session and offer her best to make your practice an enjoyable moment.

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Learning by doing / Aprender haciendo

I've been fortunate to participate in Simona classes while I lived in Barcelona. Simona is a cheerful, energetic and motivating person who knows how to communicate his knowledge in an empathic way. She knows very well how to balance examples and explanations, and is very subtle for corrections of postures, resulting in constant desire in her students to further develop their practice. Absolutely recommend.


He tenido la suerte de participar de las clases de Simona mientras yo residía en Barcelona. Simona es una persona alegre, enérgica y motivadora, que sabe comunicar todos sus conocimientos de una manera empática. Ella sabe equilibrar muy bien las explicaciones con ejemplos y es muy sutil para hacer correcciones de posturas, generando en los alumnos ganas constantes de seguir perfeccionando su práctica. La recomiendo absolutamente.