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Like everyone else, I had some ups and downs in my life, till one day when I realised that I am the only one responsible for the way my life is.

I have began searching, attending every class and workshop that I could find, from personal development to more profund and spiritual courses. I could not stop reading and analizing the meaning of live.
What causes us misery and happines.

The moment I started to apply and have faith to my new mind, magic things started to happen in my life.

Two years ago, because all my believes changed, I wanted so bad to make a difference, a change in what concerns my work and contribution to the world. I wasn't sure what exactly to do but I knew that the Universe will guide me.

That is when my trip to Asia started. I have been travelling alone for almost 3 months all along south east Asia. Having only a backpack with me, sleeping in the north forest of Thailand and enjoying the simplicity I started to feel a deeper conection between myself and mother nature. I begin practicing yoga almost daily in different kind of yoga centers and ashram.

My interest in yoga became bigger, as days passed so I decide to travel to India for another 2 months to take a Yoga Teacher Training course.

While doing the ttc, I knew that this was the Universe's gift for me to work and bring my contribution to the world.

I came back home and I launched the QYogaFlow Center.
In two years, the community grew very fast and natural.
I have seen people transform themselves into good, people who solved health issues, insomnia, stress related issues and much more.

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I would love to meet you, share our stories and guide you into Yoga.
I personally reply to all my e-mails, so please feel free to contact me, at:

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