Simonanda .

United Arab Emirates

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Simonanda is an internationally known artist, sound medium and life coach, based in Dubai, She has been blessed with remembering the ancient tradition of fine tuning the body through the art of sound vibration using her voice, tuned crystal bowls, clear quartz sound pyramids, Tibetan bowls, the Venus Gong and more. She follows the tradition of Nada Yoga – the devotion to the subtle sound.
Spirit is constantly showering her with an extensive variety of gentle to powerful melodies, pieces, songs and spherical sounding for crystal bowls and voice to connect the dimensions for us. Her warm velvet alto voice blends magically together with the pure crystal bowl tones, guiding you to enter a Sound Portal and dive into the spheres of harmony and rejuvenation. It is about surrendering to the vibrating sound, where our souls merge into the Ocean of Oneness, and healing naturally happens.