Sinem I.


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I have been involved with energy and meditational works since 2001. Learning and understanding them was easy but it took me years to internalize them through experiences.

I was introduced to yoga due to an illnesses that I was diagnosed with at the time. My doctor had advised me to start yoga in order to strengthen my muscles and calm myself down. As time moved on, yoga did not only strengthen my muscles but also gave me courage to change myself and my life. After internalizing the yoga philosophy and the life style, I started feeling much better and that gave me the passion to learn more about yoga and share it with other people to help them gain as much as I did.

After years of practice, I got my first Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2014 (200 hours International Yoga Federation Teacher Training). Then I started instructing yoga voluntarily to my family and friends. As time passed, I started having various number of students from different ages and backgrounds. My student portfolio expanded by only word-of-mouth and references showing an indication on my yoga skills and abilities as a yoga instructor.

In 2017, I also received my certification on Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Yoga for Kids Teacher Trainings. ​In order to improve and develop myself further, and reach more people, I continued instructing yoga to people from different countries both face-to-face and online.

I got Basic Ayurveda education in 2016 and then improved my knowledge in Ayurveda by getting a 150hr training during 2017 and 2018.

I have always had an interest in astrology too. Since I was a kid, I have read a lot of books about astrology and in 2018, I decided to get a professional training. After getting certificated, I started to consult astrology too.

I also have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master's degree in Journalism. I do my best to combine all of my knowledge and experience to help people lead a healthier life through increasing their awareness and acceptance towards themselves and their lives.