Siobhán Connelly

Meredith, NH
United States

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Siobhan Elizabeth Connelly is one of the Lakes Region's wisest and friendliest Yoga instructors. She began her exploration into Yoga as a science and philosophy at the age of fifteen. Since then she has enjoyed a strong personal practice weaving vibration, texts, and contemplation into her time on the mat. She has lived all over the country, and in 2008 she began to formally study yoga philosophy in Boulder, Colorado. Since then she has developed a Yoga program at an all-boys summer camp in Wisconsin, offered Yoga to girls living in a safe house in Portland, Maine and has taught unique philosophy workshops in the Lakes Region. While living again in her home state of New Hampshire she has endeavored to ground the practical system of India - Yoga - for the practical attitudes of New England. Siobhan lives with her wonderful life partner Chris and two children, is an artist, vocalist, equestrian, and nature lover.


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