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My name is Siska Vergauwe. I am from Belgium and currently living in Mallorca. I have worked in the corporate world for about 3, 5 years as an IT consultant, a position and time I am still very grateful for. Besides office work, I was offering training and assistance to customers abroad (mostly Spain and France). I was very dedicated and worked long days because I was well aware of all the opportunities this job gave me. I was able to travel and see what's out there while building international relationships and sharpening my language skills. What I value the most out of these experiences, however, is how I grew as a person and got to know myself.

As for everything in life, I had to go through that time to decide whether I was walking the right path or not. Somewhere along the way, I came to the realization that I had been derailing. During the last 10 years of searching and derailing, I found there was one consistent practice in my life yoga.

​When I worked long office days, yoga helped me release tension from my neck, shoulders and lower back. When I was traveling and felt work stress, yoga helped me calm my mind and focus, which resulted in more efficient and satisfying work days. When I was feeling sad, yoga energized my body and mind. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I want to help other people experience the relief yoga has given me in difficult times. That is when and why I took a new direction and became a therapeutic mindful yoga teacher and massage therapist without regretting the often rough road there, which eventually helped me gain the qualities and courage to do what I love doing.


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