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The reason for my interest in art started when I was very young. I have always enjoyed creating, and over the years I have partlyexpressed my appreciation for the creative through flower arrangements and topiary. Later, interest in painting art made ​​moreimpression on me, and the last 4 years I have spent much time trying to find my place and own style. I paint mainly with acrylics andlove to play with bright colors.

Yoga is for me the way to a life of well-being and joy that practicing yoga feels to me like coming“home” to where everything makes sense and feels really good!

Yoga is a way to maintain or restore the original state of harmony, balance, perfect health and happiness. The state which is constantly being challenged in life and as I experience time after timeto lose. It is wonderful that I experience that I don`t have to do much yoga before the conditionreturns. I can, and maybe because of my history of severe asthma that seems to have beendebilitating, can not get enough of the qualities of yoga contribute. It was therefore natural for me to turn to yoga to be helped with my health. And it has helped, now I feel liberated from theshackles of physical infirmity which provides. I have seen that the state of harmony, contemplation and contact with my essence,makes me happy and better able to cope with life’s challenges and live the life I want.

” Physical health is only the outward expression of a healthy and harmonious soul. “

I have been fortunate to have been given yoga almost the birth, as both my parents have been yoga teachers . Only after several years of training , I started when I was in my late 20 to educate myself and the training I have continued since , within the different yoga directions. Every year I travel in education or training trips abroad, to have the opportunity to immerse myself in my passion and to get new inspiration for my teaching. It’s exciting that there are so many ways to practice a very old wisdom , it means that anyone can find a practice that suits their abilities and temperament.

I believe that we must learn to listen to ourselves and learn to be our own light , our own tutor and guide . To become , we must sometimes be helped to deal with our ever busy mind, find peace , concentration and balance. Here are yoga and everything yoga offers tools ; healthy living, moving, breathing training , focus and meditation help to put us on the right track to where we can be our own guide and let us be guided by our own higher self.

After many years of yoga training and meditation , I chose to read Psychomotor to learn more about the body and its connection to our thoughts and feelings. It was a very physical study that does not leave much room for the spirit, but it gave me the required insight into the relationship between body and mind as well as the immersion in physics through anatomy and physiology , which I needed in my yoga.

There are many aspects of yoga and many ways to practice yoga on , I think the format is right for the individual, it brings us closer to equilibrium , makes us happier and more satisfied and, not least , the carrying our health .

” A good yoga practice feels like a giant redemption in body and in mind, as if everything unnecessary is washed away and the essence is clear back . ” I have the last 20 years taking courses and courses in yoga in India , Mexico, Costa Rica, Indonesia , Norway and Denmark . I have taught courses in Norway , Greece, India , the Caribbean and Thailand. I have a 500 hours Ryt International certification in Vinyasa flow. When I was in my twenties , I attended many courses in the alternative world . Among other things, a course for Regression and an educational program for teacher and lecturer in Spiritual Science , and courses in tarot reading and dream interpretation .

Later came my psykomotor training and then trained as a Pilates instructor.


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