Siw Aduvill


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My background is from contemporary circus where I worked as a juggler, and later as a director. I found yoga as a tool to stay more sustainable on a personal level. I later discovered teachers and a movement dedicated to exploring the relationship between personal and global sustainability. This is where my practice really got aligned with my core values. I believe anyone with a keen interest can benefit from practicing yoga, and I think that the yoga community can be a strong force of service in a world out of balance.

I live and teach in Oslo where I teach weekly classes in yin and dynamic yoga, and I am a teacher at Yoga Teacher Training at Axelsons School for Body Work Yoga Teacher Training, and guest teacher at Axelsons schools in Stockholm and Gøteborg. I am more than happy to travel and visit other places around the globe.

I give workshops for NGO´s and other groups on personal sustainability through tools like movement, deep relaxation an touch. I also give workshops in Yin Yoga inspired by Yoga Somatics and my teacher Ateeka.


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