Sjonum Awalia St-Cyr

Burlington, ON

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Sjonum was born in Oakville, Ontario. Her family is originally from the Foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. Yoga has been part of her life since childhood. At a very early age, Sjonum was exposed to a number of methods of mindful meditative practices by her father, Walia who is a knowledgeable and sought after teacher of the Chinese Rejuvenating Fist system, Chen Shi Tajij Chuan, Yogic Meditative Practices and Spirituality. He taught her a very traditional style of Yoga focusing on the finer points and deeper understandings of Yoga’s true purpose. As she grew up, Sjonum came to the realization that her life’s approach was to be self cultivation and development of spiritual understanding through the training and practice of Yoga.
Sjonum then started on a worldwide journey that saw her become a Certified Yoga Instructor studying and completing her Yoga Teacher Training under the instruction of Vidya Heisel and Jennifer Yarro. Then, wanting to broaden her perspective and deepen her knowledge; Sjonum studied further becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Thai Massage Practitioner. Her pursuit of learning has taken her to the Himalayas, Morocco, Spain, Costa Rica and America.
Sjonum’s family values, insight, enjoyable energy and her dedication to learning the intricate details of Yoga make her a unique teacher. She is a joyful person who wants her practice and understanding to be an inspiration for her students. For Sjonum, Yoga does not end after class. She applies the concepts and philosophies of Yoga in her daily life. “I think that by having a method, a way, a set of concepts to apply in your everyday life, you can find happiness and contentment right in front of you.” One of the fundamental principles that she likes, is to consider herself as a student and that learning and refining ones knowledge should be a lifelong ambition.
Sjonum uses her Thai Massage knowledge to bring a unique wealth of insight, hands on assists and body awareness to her classes. The classes are accessible to students of all levels and are filled with an abundance of energy while infusing the importance of proper alignment and self-awareness.
Outside of Yoga classes, Sjonum together with her family contingent of Yoga, Massage and Nutrition practitioners; are available to provide Nutritional Consultations, Thai Massage Therapy and General Health and Wellbeing information.
“Yoga is as vast as the universe, there is always something to learn.”