Sky + Slade

Toronto, ON
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Sky: Hatha, Yin & Adaptive Yoga Instructor, RYT 200. Certified Reflexologist, RRCO
Slade: Hatha,Yoga Instructor, RYT 200. Registered Massage Therapist. Pregnancy, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Specialty

Services include studio class and corporate yoga instruction, therapeutic yogaFLIGHT, massage, reflexology, personal training and nutrition counselling.

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Sky and Slade are amazing yoga instructors. We had never tried yoga before and were very apprehensive. Sky and Slade made our family feel comfortable and relaxed as we delved into yoga for the very first time. Their classes at a conference were our first steps on a path to new self-discovery. Our kids loved their kids' yoga flight class, too. I highly recommend Sky and Slade for their kindness, empathy, and positive energy as well as their experienced yet youthful and fun attitude! They are great teachers.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A wonderful and inspiring couple

Sky and Slade are two of the most wonderful, caring people I know. I am not experienced at yoga but I have experienced their yoga flight, which is awesome. They are knowledgeable, careful and sincere. They are all of these things plus wonderful and dear friends and fellow skydivers as well.

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Great Yoga Couple

Very nice couple yoga instruction team. Never did yoga until I met them. 3 years later I am better for it.

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These guys were utterly amazing. I think because they walk the talk as well as teaching it. What a wealth of knowledge and experience they were keen to share.

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Thanks to sKY:: and slaDE, I am now a regularly practicing yogini!


The morning we met, my first ever yoga class was so invigorating and left me with a calmness inside. My second class was even better. sKY:: and slaDE demonstrated, encouraged, and aided my asanas. It stretched out my back and stopped the dull ache I've had since high school. Each class was welcoming, and full of smiles and laughter - loved it! On my last day, I found the courage to try their special partner YogaFLIGHT class. Flown my my partner, I was amazed at the balance. When slADE flew me, I felt very free of gravity and got the best side stretch I've ever experienced. After a week of classes I went back to my home, searched for a local yoga studio, and found one that helps me grow and deepen my practice.
I now wait for another opportunity to travel to a sKY:: and slaDE YogaFLIGHT experience...

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Wonderful yoga instructiors

I've had the opportunity to do acro yoga with Sky and Slade and I must say they are very knowledgeable and just wonderful people! I would highly recommend a yoga class/workshop with them.

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The perfect balance.

I recently had the opportunity to share some yoga time with Sky and Slade. The entire process was balanced and handled with care. The experience they bring to the table is like a fountain of knowledge, shared with a calm, collective confidence, that is hard to find. I was able to take away a wealth of new and exciting information; along with the sense of relaxation and spiritual fulfillment i so very much needed.

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Gets you in to it!

I have had the pleasure to interview and showcase sKY and slaDE as well as take one of their yoga flight classes.
They are a beautiful couple with so much passion to share. There energy is truly electric, contagious really.
They love what they do and you can feel and visually see that during a class. They explain themselves well and have a way of keeping the class engaged. I would recommend experiencing
a class or workshop taught by these two.

Sky + SladeMarch 4, 2014
All things yogaFLIGHT - community, connection and friendship

Thanks you so much Melanie! We are indeed passionate about all things flight, whether jumping from a plane or feet firmly on the ground! Thanks for becoming part of our tribe. Your presence and amazing spirit always brightens our time together.
Yours in flight!