Skye Essington-Wilson

Sydney NSW

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I am a Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher, a breathwork facilitator & massage therapist. I was a little lost in life when I did a 7 day breathwork retreat that changed my life! wow, the emotions & memories that were locked inside my body was frightening & intriguing. I continued on with a 2 year training in facilitating breathwork and during this time I met my Spiritual teacher or Guru if you like. Guru Arsana a Balinese Balian based in Ubud. He taught me Kundalini Tantra Yoga a unique system that uses Hatha yoga positions and adds dynamic breathing & a serpent-like movement of the spine & pelvis. This yoga just worked for me I really understood the charging of the body with the breath and the movement of the body creating flow and moving through the blocks. After spending 5 months in Bali at Ashram Munivara I came home and started sharing this wonderful detoxing and transformative yoga. I also became a massage therapist and I incorporate breathwork, massage & yoga into treatments. I also run workshops & retreats that incorporate all that I have learnt along the way!


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