Sofie Mills

Parkdale VIC

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Back ground – I developed a passion for Yoga 7 years ago through rehabilitating my own injuries and improving my health holistically. I have practiced many styles; Vinyasa, general Hatha, Iyengar, Restorative and Yin Yoga. My passion and training is in the Vinyasa style, as I love how the style connects the mind and body through breath and flowing movements.
I have been in the fitness industry for 5 years and work as a specialised fitness trainer and group instructor. My clientele vary; from needing rehabilitation of injuries, to over 55’s, some have Multiple Sclerosis/brain injuries, diabetes etc. I have a Psychology & Communication degree, Pilates Fitness Certificate, Diploma of Fitness and have completed 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Moksha Yoga Academy.
Teachings - I like to draw from the ancient wisdom of Yoga but also the therapeutics of modern science, my teaching can be dynamic or gentle. I will guide you through a practice which helps you reconnect with the body, help to focus the mind and be present with each moment as your practice unfolds. My motto is “Don’t let the things you can’t do get in the way of the things you can do”. Anyone can practice Yoga, regardless of age, injuries or level of fitness.
I would love to share my love of Yoga with you and help you to explore and invigorate your mind, body and spirit!


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