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Growing up in the Holy Land of israel, spirituality has been an integral part of Solar’s life from a young age. At the age of 19 he started studying kabalah with the Rabbi Dr. Michael Laitman.

In 2006 he experienced a spontanious spiritual awakening while living in India which changed the course of his life.

He moved to India at the age of 23, where he studied Shamanism, Taoism and Yoga.

In 2008, his interest in human potential and spiritual evolution brought him to meet Peggy Dylan in France, where he studied and was certified as a ‘Fire Walking’ instructor.

In 2009, he met his first guru from the lineages of Ananda Marga and the Nath tradition. While studying Theravada Buddhism with his guru, Bodhidharma received initiation and was given his spiritual name.

In southern India, Bodhidharma practiced Tantric methods of mental development and liberation through spiritual relationships - breaking through attachments, narcissistic tendencies and Shadow work. There he met a Yogini who initiated him into the sexual Tantric practices and encouraged him to further his studies and practice.

Bodhidharma chose to become a Yoga teacher because being a guide for others on the spiritual path, sharing spiritual teachings, and the adoration of Shakti became natural and essential parts of his life. He knew his life's purpose would be to spread the Dharma and is always practicing and teaching the most integral and holistic systems for supporting others in their spiritual evolution. He teaches in English and Hebrew.

Bodhidharma's teaching experience includes spiritual life coaching for both individuals and small groups with a focus on integral and evolutionary life practice, sexuality, bodywork and relationships. He most enjoys witnessing the transformation and joy that comes from breaking through limitations and experiencing new levels of freedom. He is also inspired by being a leader and innovator on the cutting edge of spiritual practice and in integrating this practice into everyday life.


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