Soni Kum

United Kingdom

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Soni is a devotional dancer, artist and healer born in Japan to a Korean shaman lineage. She has been actively working as an artist since 2002. Her work has been exhibited in numerous art spaces throughout the world, including Apex Art in New York, Pumhouse Gallery in London and Busan Biennale in South Korea.
In 2006, when Soni visited Philippines for an art exhibition she encountered a young shaman who invoked the dance spirit to awaken Kundalini energy dormant within her, transmitting a powerful dance energy called the “inner dance”. Soni went into a trance state for the first time in her life and danced as she had never danced before. Since that time, Soni has explored trance dance energy through meditation, prayer, and service in Korea and Japan. She has taken many pilgrimage trips to India and Bali, studied in ashrams and with gurus, learning various spiritual practices that awaken Kundalini energy and open and balance the chakras. This led to the development of her unique dance practice.
Soni Kum received a doctoral degree from Tokyo University of Arts as an honorary student in 2011 and taught at several prominent universities in Korea. She received Excellent Lecturer Award of the Year in 2012 from Yonsei University.


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