Sonia Dezius

Denmark WA

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I took my first beginners yoga course in 1995 when I was 18 years old. I just remember falling asleep at the end! Yoga drifted in and out of my gypsy life for several years until motherhood and building a home sent my roots down in beautiful Denmark. At this time yoga became a regular practise and a passion, it gave me a way to understand the world and my place in it. Going beyond a physical exercise, I became more attentive to how I live and relate to others; to my connection to Self and the Earth.
I seem to always have my head in a yoga book and my mat rolled out somewhere. When I’m travelling I love finding a little sign advertising yoga and trying a new class. No matter what style of yoga, I learn something new in every class. This is what draws me again and again to the mat, it is so vast and yet refreshingly simple at its core. Yoga feeds my soul and is like a healing balm. My yoga changes year to year, becoming my own, its organic, sustainable and mindful!
Teaching yoga seems a natural progression and also a way of giving back, but I will always be a humble and grateful student.
I have gained influence and inspiration from many Yoga and Buddhist mediation traditions. Most recently it has been the Iyengar-inspired teachings of Graeme Hodges and Vinyasa-style of Les Leventhal that has sealed my devotion to a life-long learning and exploration of yoga. Perhaps my greatest teachers are my two children who bring the daily opportunity to stay fully present. I teach kids yoga because I love it, believe in it and each class brings goosebumps of joy and connection!
I brings 12 years experience as a remedial massage therapist to yoga, with an understanding of anatomy and physiology, posture and alignment and the therapeutic effects of conscious movement and healing touch.
My style is gentle yet deep, both intuitive and practical, weaving together the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, creating a safe environment to transform body, mind and soul. I invite you to “come to your senses” and live a radiant life from the inside out.

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