Sonia Horton

United Kingdom

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Sonia has never sat still for too long, always exploring different modalities in the pursuit of not only empowering herself but ultimately to do the same for others. In 2010 she qualified as a Sun Power Yoga Teacher; no mean feat. Since then she has attended many courses / workshops; qualifying In such things as Meditation, Reiki, Reikara, as well as expanding her healing / psychic abilities. Feeling, even then, that she was still not fulfilling her capabilities she found Kundalini she felt the benefits immediately bringing together mind-body-spirit in a way she had not experienced before. Wishing to share what she had found Sonia wasted no time in setting out to become a Kundalini Teacher of which she did with the 'IK SARAN DHIAN' school of kundalini yoga. She now enlightens her students with a passion that knows no boundaries.


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