Sonia Perry

N Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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Mind. Body. Soul. I love to help people get really in touch with their bodies, to listen. Learn to allow the natural intelligence to help the physical release, unfold and unfurl. Rather than forcing from the outside, the aim is to expand from the centre. Full and free breathing is enabled, encouraging freer thinking and more balanced emotions. Challenging asanas are explored playfully. The aim is to make yoga your own. And to help make Life the fulfilling, magical, mysterious journey it deserves to be.

I teach classes, workshops and also love working on a one to one basis therapeutically.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

16 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Sonia is a brilliant yoga teacher, very focused and informative so I feel as though I am always learning. Her classes are always friendly and pleasant to be in.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
friendly, grounded and hugely enjoyable

I have been attending Sonia's Yoga classes for a number of years now. Her grounded, friendly approach focusing on core strength to support classical postures has always worked well for me. Her use of breath work (prana), relaxation, humour and seasonal rhythms scattered with spiritual wisdom creates a wonderful space in which to relax, expand and grow.

Sonia PerryMarch 15, 2014

Thank you! Love having you as part of class - hey, on Thursday we almost had more men than women! I really appreciate how you deeply relax and let go and how you fully commit to the asana practice. Going to bring my camera to class - it would be good for you to see your Natarajasana. What focus and grace. Ace.

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Sonia creates a warm astmosphere in her classes; each class is different and builds on posture work according to the seasons. There's a good mix of posture, breath work and relaxation. Sonia is very interested and knowledgeable in her subject and imparts this clearly and supportively. She cares. I always feel great for going to her class!

Sonia PerryMarch 12, 2014

Thank you Louise. A really clear description of what the Hatha classes are like. I feel great that you like coming! :)

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Sensitive, soothing smiley Sonia

Sonia is very sensitive to student needs, her approach is holistic, body , mind connection and correct alignment, breath awareness , lovely relaxation.
An inspiring friendly Teacher!

Sonia PerryMarch 12, 2014
Radiant Rosa

Thank you. I am lucky to work with teachers like you too. Your approach to Trikonasana went down a treat in my class last night!

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A fantastic group to attend, awakening the body, mind and soul.

Sonia PerryMarch 11, 2014

Short n sweet n to the point. Let's wake up!

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Brilliant in every way

I have really enjoyed all Sonia's classes and workshops that I have attended. She creates a warm, comfortable and special atmosphere. I have gained an immeasurable amount from Sonia and would wholehearted recommend her.

Sonia PerryMarch 11, 2014
Yoga is life

Yes - l too enjoy our sessions and the open heartedness of the group. It is wonderful how we all understand more and more how we live our life is so important to our well being. Yoga isn't just something we come and do every week/month. It teaches us to live with love for ourselves and others.

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An amazing teacher

I love Sonia's teaching and her approach is completely unique. Her Restorative workshops are absolutely amazing and I always learn something new - about myself, about yoga and about life.

Sonia PerryMarch 11, 2014
No pressure then

Boy I have a lot to live up to. Only kidding. Thankfully I have wonderful teachers especially Yogachara Dr Mukunde Bhole and his UK Anubhava teacher Sara Delamore to keep feeding me with brilliant practices to share. Love your enthusiastic participation and willingness in - and out - of class.

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Sonia is simply amazing!

I first looked to yoga to help with a recurring back issue and problems with my pelvis. Sonia has looked after me from the beginning, tutoring me on how to take it easy in her classes, ensuring that I listened to my body in class and only did what was right for me. If I had any questions, Sonia would answer them in a way I could understand.


She is very spiritual, explaining about the spiritual side of yoga which was lacking from another (poor, and very much money-oriented) class I took a few years ago. Sonia has bags of patience and we have a real laugh in her classes - so not only do you leave feeling more spiritually in-tune and in tune with your self, but you feel uplifted from the friendly atmosphere of her classes. I have had to move classes to pregnancy yoga for a while but Sonia fills in for the teacher occasionally so I will see her soon - which is great :)

Sonia PerryMarch 10, 2014
And I look forward to seeing you muchly

Missing my Tam in class - in a yogic non detached way of course. Not. You have a lovely friendly energy in class - down to earth and fun. I am so glad Yoga has helped you so much and that you have embraced the fullness of it so easily .. second nature. In NLP we call it unconscious competence. In Yorkshire we call it reet grand.

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Begin the workshop like a corkscrew....gently unravel - melt into the experience .....sense every cell and fibre in your body releasing into the mat.... restore, relax, revive. Sonia's workshops work. They are balm for the spirit, the body and the mind. Sonia's style is informative, easy, warm, enlightening and fun. The perfect recipe to make a wonderful celebration of yoga. These workshops have deepened my practice and extended my understanding of the human spirit. Thank you Sonia.

Sonia PerryMarch 8, 2014
Melting into Therapeutic workshops!

Thank you Kay! A clear evocation of the experience of the Therapeutic and Restorative workshops. And yes! A celebration. I like that very much. I am so glad our work together has deepened your understanding and practice. You have much to share as a teacher and I am glad to have helped shine a bit more light. Much love.

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Walks her talk

Sonia's yoga classes at the Green Gathering were really good. She cares about her students and is a very committed teacher of yoga. It was worth getting up early for her morning sessions and I would go regularly to her classes if I lived near her.
Om shanti

Sonia PerryMarch 8, 2014
Ah the Green Gathering

What a great event. Especially with good friends like you to enjoy it with. Starting the day with yoga sets the ball rolling in the right direction eh? This winter my yoga practice has been limited to sitting under my duvet meditating! Roll on Spring. I hope to do outside classes at sunrise this summer. Yoga outside in Nature is the best.

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Sonia is a fantastic yoga teacher

I have been learning yoga with Sonia for nearly 5 years. I went back to yoga after my husband's death from cancer (had had a long break due to caring for him) and took my teenage daughter along as felt she might benefit as she was very distressed following her dad's death. Sonia gave us both a very warm welcome and helped us on our journey of recovery.


More than any other yoga teacher I have ever had Sonia concentrates on explaining the positions very clearly and manually adjusting you where necessary so you get the most benefit from the class. There is quite a bit of paired work as well which is interesting and takes the work to another level. The classes are fun and very stimulating and I would recommend them to anyone. Sonia really cares about her students.

Sonia PerryMarch 8, 2014
Sarah and Emma

It is a privilege to be your teacher. And so heart warming to see you living yoga. Fits like a glove.

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Exercising Body, Soul and Spirit

I have attended hatha yoga classes that Sonia organises for four years. She is an excellent teacher with wonderful sense of humour, inclusive and welcoming to everybody, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. She always works on individual basis and will taylor the session depending on the people and their abilities. Her warmth and encouraging attitude are extremely beneficial. She also organises therapeutic Yoga and special events held at weekends.


Coming out of her sessions, people feel refreshed and invigorated. Whether you use yoga just for physical exercises, or are interested in the philosophical and spiritual roots at its basis, Sonia will be able to provide safe environment and experienced advice. Her classes are always interesting and varied and her sense of humour and warmth are uplifting - highly recommended!

Sonia PerryMarch 8, 2014

A joy in the class. Your strong warrior spirit is remarkable. And we have a good laugh too, most importantly.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Sonia, my teacher

Sonia is simply my teacher. She like to show and demonstrate but explaining and doing adjustments as well. Is a very experienced BWY teacher that means very safety orientated. Is a spiritual orientated teacher, but constantly checking her students and with a deep understanding of the anatomy of the asana. There is always something new and interesting in Sonia's classes. I strongly recommend Sonia's classes to everybody, for any need.

Sonia PerryMarch 7, 2014
Thank you!

That is a lovely review. Thank you Nestor. I feel very lucky to teach people who are as willing and receptive as you are. Here's to our next Yogathon!