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I have been practicing yoga since 2008, when I had my second child Sophie.
My first teacher was Heidi De Wald, Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher, in Cambodia. I studied three years of Medicine at La Sapienza in Rome, too young to understand my path, I changed in to the fashion world and I became a successful fashion designer.
As a fashion designer, I found yoga as a place of refuge and soothing balm from the stresses of modern everyday life. Feeling very early on that this was something I wanted to do, my practice deepened and became more frequent. The freedom, strength and flexibility that regular Yoga practice gave physically was amazing.
So after year’s o working in the fashion industry, this is my challenge. I am taking a qualification as Hatha Yoga-teacher training 200 hours, registered by Yoga Alliance in Rome.
I have studied in Bali Vinyasa yoga, in Penang(Malesya) prabhu yoga
Moreover i bring also the rainbow yoga kids certification.
My inspiring yoga teachers are Yoss Giancarlo Miggiano and Beatrice Giampaoli.
In my teaching I focus on subtle activations in the body with flow vinyasa yoga and the importance of sensitivity, focus, awareness.
I am passionate about the breath, believing that movement, which originates with the breath becomes graceful, powerful, effortless and beautiful. There is an emphasis on getting to know your own body, mind and self. My classes focus on stretching, breathing, relaxing and gradually developing mobility and strength.
I am dedicated to sharing the benefits of yoga practice with anyone who comes to my as a student, and to continuing to learn, from my teachers and students alike. I can deliver classes in English and in Italian.

I work in a Yoga studio in Rome”Yoga Suite”
I am the head of the new center yoga suite Appio.

I have my own studio in Rome.
I teach private of my private student is Ilary blasi(the Wife of Francesco Totti)

“The pose is not the object, your body is the object, the pose helps you get there. Yoga is what Happens along the way “