Sonja Thiele

calvia mallorca, balearics

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I am a Hatha Yoga-teacher and Yoga-therapist since more than 8 years. My classes are a mixture of Pranayama-breathing exercises, Asanas-body movements and Meditation. A class usually takes 90 minutes, so there is no rush. Yoga has brought a lot of positive changes to my life. No back aches, balanced mind and I am much more focused on what I need in order to feel happy in my life. I can see the same in my students after some time and I do not have the exact explanation about how it works- but i can clearly see that it works. I also offer seminars in Mallorca and Germany. Often I get to work with people that have never tried Yoga before, especially stressed managers or companies. Also they feel much better after a Yoga class. This has convinced me that Yoga is a blessing for many people. I am very happy and feel gratitude that I may teach this art of life to children and adults.


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