Sophia Ludyjan

Oceanside, CA
United States

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Sophia trained in Classical Hatha Yoga methods as handed down from Indra Devi, known as the First Lady of Yoga. Indra Devi received her training from Krishnamacharya and other East Indian teachers. Sophia completed the 500-hour teacher training in the Indra-Devi style at the Spiritual Yoga Training Institute with Lesli Foxworth-Feree in Camel Rock, California in 2002. Sophia also completed an additional 200 hour Anusara teacher training at the Yoga Center in Carlsbad. She continues to expand and grow as a teacher by attending seminars and workshops with amazing teachers such as Desiree Rumbaugh, Roger Cole, Geri Portnoy, Michael Fukumura, Maty Ezraty, and Jason Crandall.

Sophia’s teaching style is fun and compassionate. Drawing from her experience as a ballroom dance instructor and personal trainer, Sophia knows how to make her students feel comfortable, even when upside down. Her charming and dedicated presentation of yoga is truly unique incorporating elements of fitness training to strengthen key core muscles and balancing that with flexibility and mental focus techniques. Having a very patient, compassionate and friendly demeanor, Sophia truly cares about her students and makes certain that each receives personal attention as well as hands-on support.

Sophia is also a certified Yoga for Golfers*Instructor. She trained directly with Katherine Roberts, founder of Yoga for Golfers* featured on the Golf Channel, in Golf Fitness Magazine and Yoga for Golfers*is a series of golf-specific yoga poses, designed to effectively help golfers of all ages and fitness levels, utilize the many benefits of yoga to improve the physical and mental aspects of their game.

Sophia is a certified personal trainer with NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine and has certificates in Integrated Stretching and Scientific Shoulder Training from the Institute.

In addition to personal fitness and yoga programs, Sophia utilizes her years of experience in the health industry to help you realize the connection between the physical manifestations and the spiritual origins. Reviewing one’s lifestyle and habits, as well as habitual ways of thinking and sleeping can provide insight into any existing imbalances. Developing a practice of meditation and mindful living can be facilitated by setting up a sacred space in your home and identifying sources of negative impact in your life. With dedicated practice, the mind and body become more focused and strengthened, and a new conscious awareness of one’s body and inner state grows. This higher consciousness reminds you of your divine nature and reconnects you with your natural state of joy and well-being.

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