Sophia Stratbucker (Siri Levitar)

Omaha, NE
United States

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Have been in the integrative spiritual health field for over 30 yrs, Internationally published researcher, through Intl Journal of Yoga Therapy, presented at the Himalayan Inst,- Heart Consciousness and The Breath for elimination of addiction, including to negative thought and emotion.

I am a yoga therapist and practice medical levels of meditation. I am certified through Kundalini Research Institute and currently in their Master level program. Also certified through Deepak Chopra in Mind/Body medicine and Mantra/Sutra meditation, as well as, numerous other professional certifications, including trauma sensitive yoga therapy, through Bessel van der Kolk.

Our Wisdom Path program includes group classes, personal sessions, workshops, retreats, professional certifications/CEUs, with lodging, meals, use of hot tub, sauna, pool, hiking trails, our 30' waterfall, wildlife, entertainments, and so much more! clients can also do many of our sessions and trainings online/webcam. We also love to travel offsite- locally, regionally, US, other countries.

I am Director/Founder of The Wellness Connection- nonprofit for community health and enlightenment, Heartland Conscious Health and Nirvana Pointe Retreat, Lodge and Spa. Our program is called- The Wisdom Path and incorporates what we have found to be the most effective, deepest reaching and most enjoyable methods of healing, health and personal growth; everything from holistic neuroscience, to regenerative medicine, medical meditation, yoga/breath science, and other consciousness studies. This program is profound for connecting people with the unused parts of the brain and ultimately the individual's Highest Self.

Clients create many miracles of healing everything from simple imbalances, to serious illness/pain/injury/addiction/trauma, and intense emotions, to creating healthy relationships and money consciousness, as well as, the deepest joy and clarity. We give our clients the simple key to unlock their Full Potentials.

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