Sophie Lowe

Sri Lanka

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Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga.
Sophie discovered her yoga practice over 16 years ago during her university studies in her native San Francisco. She immediately noticed the calming and soothing effects the practice had on both her mind and body. The chronic back pain and shoulder tension she experienced from scoliosis was relieved by her practice. After working in banking and then development projects in India, Sophie decided to pursue her practice on a deeper level by completing an Ashtanga Vinyasa teaching certification. Shortly after, she opened her own studio in Berlin, Germany.

Since then she has continued to deepen her knowledge under many respected and learned teachers in the traditions of Vinyasa Flow, Anasura, Zen Yoga, Yoga Therapy, ISHTA and Restorative yoga. Sophie has been employed as a full-time yoga teacher in a physiotherapy practice in Brandenburg, Germany since 2010. Her work in the practice has deepened her understanding of working with yoga as a healing practice. She is deeply grateful for this experience and the trust her clients have entrusted her with. Her clientele range from 10-72 years of age and are in treatment ranging from general muscle tension to acute pain and injury recovery. She is experienced in sharing the healing and therapeutic effects of yoga in both group classes and private sessions.

She combines her background in dance and movement, yoga, massage and breath and body awareness for a healing and dynamic yoga experience. Her classes at Green Hill are choreographed based on the needs of the students and can be spontaneously modified when needed. The classes begin with a vinyasa flow sequence and end with a few Restorative postures for deep relaxation and release.

When not on her mat, you’ll find her on her meditation cushion, traveling and adventuring, or building and creating designer living spaces on low budgets.

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