Sophie Siegel


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Born and bred in Singapore, Sophie SoFree is a registered 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher trained under Rebecca Pflaum, at the Naya Academy of Inspired Arts in Bali.

Her Kundalini Yoga classes are active meditations focused on raising and transforming energy. Weaving movement, mantra, dance, pranayam, mudra and drishti alongside uplifting soul-waking playlists - these journeys will take you beyond the physical and into your own sacred space, focusing your awareness on aligning body, mind and Spirit as One. This inner awareness will reveal your full potentials to live as the creative, conscious beings we were always destined to be!

When not teaching Kundalini Yoga, Sophie can be found reading in the wellness section at Kinokuniya, at ecstatic dances, singing Kirtan, hugging trees, doodling and creating spunky mixes. She currently teaches weekly at her home in Singapore.


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