Srikumari Srisailapathy

Chennai Tamil Nadu

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A Geneticists by profession who holds the position as a UGC Research Scientist C in University of Madras and in parallel has training from Bihar School of Yoga and early training in Yoga from her father Yogacharya Padmanabhan who is also a student of BSY. A profound believer in Yoga as an experiential science now works towards it and has been instrumental in imparting this to her own family ..her life partner who is also a BSY trained teacher. Together we now use our learning in the Yoga foundation at Nanganallur to outreach to the neighborhood and have trained to this date a humble bunch of 500 beginners in this science, with constant inspiration from Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda and their Guru and his teachings and the texts as the source material for their Swa-adhyaya and evolution.

A scientific investigation of Yoga Nidra by SriSwamiji), in the academic anxiety group was one small project that Prof Srikumari conducted under the auspices of Neuroscience Department of University of Madras.