The approach and lineage I am following differs from many paths that use a traditional stereotype that consists in wanting everyone to conform to the "perfect" idea of the
What do I mean by that?

We are all Different bodies, different histories, traumas and scars are being stored in our bodies. there is no way everyone can respond in the same way to a unique template.

So, rather than asking every person to fit into the "image" that we may have of the perfect pose, the style that I am following, although, obviously inspired by the root of the yoga teachings, is highly influenced by the willingness to provide students with understanding of the principles that will allow them to find their unique expression in the yoga In time, with practice, they will find their way to deeper commitment to the pose, to a better alignment but the main goal of my teaching is not to have you doing the perfect instagram picture, it is to have you becoming able to feel more your body and accept more the expression of who you are, right now and work from there, moment after

Coming from a background of traditional Martial Arts and Buddhism, I recognized in Power Yoga a winning formula to address the needs of body and mind in today's world.

Whenever I have the opportunity of practicing with inspiring teachers, I do take part in classes of Hatha Yoga, Forrest Yoga,YinYoga or Jivamukti Yoga.

My classes combine dynamic elements, stretching and holding of poses. In order to make their time in class a safe and enriching experience, I invite students to become more familiar with the frontier of their comfort zone and to live be present in their body, always. We grow our practice one breath at a time, one pose at a


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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great Intuitive Teacher

Where do we start with this great teacher. We have been attending his class for a nearly a year and have noticed significant changes in our flexibility and overall movement.
Stephane always ensures we have a good warm up and warm down, incorporating balance, stillness, breathing and calm in the lesson. He brings intensity to the class to challenge each week but working to our own individual goals.
We hate missing class as benefit so much from it.
Thanks Stephane

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Power Vinyasa at Wellbeing 95

Stephane is amazing! His classes are challenging but at the same time he's aware to your limitations and adapt to them. He is friendly and motivating, thoroughly recommend his classes!

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Very Focussed

Stephane is a great yoga teacher who takes what he does very seriously but in a good way. His practice is strong and challenging which is exactly how I like it. I feel blessed I have several great yoga instructors including Stephane to keep my practice flowing. I am much fitter and stronger as a result. With his detailed explanations you can literally follow his class without any demonstrations. As long as Stephanie teaches, I'll be there. Thank you :)

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Thank you Stephane

I turned to yoga after a knee injury when I was told by my Physio that perhaps I should consider giving up running . Yoga has helped me with my muscular pain and now I'm training for my next half marathon.
Stephane's immense energy, knowledge and enthusiasm has helped me enormously. Each of his lessons are different and challenging. He is encouraging and supportive.
Stephane helps students to reach their physical potential.
I thoroughly enjoy his classes.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Stephane's classes have a bit of magic,you come out refreshed,energised and with a positive outlook.Highly recommended

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A well balanced approach to yoga

I knew within 10 minutes of my first class with Stephane, that he was the yoga instructor to guide me towards my ambition to be a yoga instructor myself.
The well balanced approach between the physical and the spiritual works perfectly for me. The focus on the importance of breath work and breathing correctly in postures is absolutely pivotal to my journey.
Stephane is a genuinely lovely guy who really cares about people. He has a passion about yoga, and that shines through in his instruction.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fantastic teacher

I have been going to Stéphane's classes for about a year now and they are fantastic. I always feel 100% better for having been and it has really helped relieve pressure on my back and hips and improved my flexibility. I really recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher who will really help you appreciate and enjoy the benefits and addition of yoga into your life.