Stacey Hoshimiya

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Namaste. Hope this finds everyone happy and well.

I believe that we are all on our own yoga journey, each student an ever changing dynamic being in search of happiness and peace, and that my role is to help students connect with themselves, to learn to honor their bodies, to encourage patience and surrender, openness and exploration, so they may reach their personal goals. 

I consider yoga to be a meditation in movement, challenging, beautiful, and transformative. Therefore, I promote a serious but lighthearted approach to the practice, and endeavor to create a safe space for self expression, without judgement, where students can embrace their potential, with the support they need for growth.

I specialize in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Alignment, and Yin Yoga. All classes are taught in English.

I am happy to answer any questions. Feel free to contact me directly.

Stacey Hoshimiya does not have any packages set up.