Stacey Skilton-Pitz

Fort Washington, PA
United States
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Stacey Skilton-Pitz has been practicing and studying yoga for over a decade. She has been teaching yoga for 9 years and in 2011 started SSP Yoga. Stacey has over 900 hours of yoga training, with an emphasis on the Universal Principles of Alignment and Philosophy.

Her classes are taught from a deep heart center with a focus on alignment, so that students can benefit from both the physical and spiritual effects yoga can offer. She uses humor to infuse a light hearted energy, while encouraging students to deepen their asana practice in a safe and creative environment. Stacey’s passion for yoga is felt in the way she inspires students to explore their own unique spirit both on and off the mat.

Stacey also uses these techniques in her Pilates mat classes. Doing something a little unexpected keeps her classes fast paced and fun. She allows students to challenge themselves while maintaining correct alignment. She also teaches pilates reformer and wunda chair.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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