An adventurous soul and constant life learner - meet Stacy DiGregorio. Her life's journey brought her to connect with her body and help others do the same. After traveling and living a nomadic life with her college sweetheart Mark, they settled down in the Chicago suburbs to raise their family.

But this settling down also sparked the beginning of Stacy's yoga practice. Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, she was doing freelance graphic design work as well as being co-owner of Zuzu's Petals Stationery, and not to mention - being a mom and raising kids!

Juggling all of these pursuits, Stacy began her yoga practice and she realized that after every session she felt empowered, grounded, and curious for more. The journey into Thai Bodywork and Yoga teacher training began. Stacy fell in love with the mind-body connection and wanted to inspire others to feel that same flow - she opened up Blissed Out Yoga Studio in Elmhurst and began to share her passion for yoga.

However, adventure was calling again (those nomadic roots!) and Stacy had the opportunity to move to Florida where she currently resides with her family and continues to take workshops, continuing education classes, and support others in their wellness journey.

Stacy's vision when teaching is to make yoga accessible to everyone. She brings this important element to her yoga teacher style. Yoga is a mind and body connection and Stacy emphasizes that alignment, meditation, and breath are crucial in cultivating a mindfulness practice but that her classes are strength building as well.


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