Stacy O'Neill

Tequesta, FL
United States

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As with so many people, my journey into yoga began primarily as a way to relieve stress. I liked it - plain and simple - and felt so relaxed afterwards. Like a gravitational pull, I kept returning to classes, somewhat sporadically at first, until I noticed it became a weekly habit. That is when I realized there was more going on than just release. I had been forming a spiritual connection with myself that was not evident before.

While I have always had a strong faith in an absolute power, an entity as vast as the universe and more powerful than words can express, I was getting the sense that maybe that power and I were more intimate than I ever considered. This was kind of a scary thought since I was comfortable with the respectful distance between us. I was intrigued enough to search out a teacher training, fully expecting to be turned off by the potential “airy-ness” of the instructor and my fellow students.

What I found instead was a practice based on the principals of anatomy and alignment combined with the flow of a moving meditation and the best group of genuinely good hearted, centered people you could ever want to know.

Over the years, I have found myself continually challenged not only by the asanas, but more so in leading a truly yogic life “off the mat:" one of acceptance, contentment, non-violence, moderation and so many other seemingly easy life guidelines. Yoga is like that. Just when you think you have mastered it, there is another layer to explore. Thus far, my path in life has allowed me to attain my 200RYT & 500RYT teaching status from Yoga Alliance, various levels and specialty training certifications through YogaFit, and Certified Personal Trainer credentials through American Council on Exercise (ACE). I am also American Heart Association CPR & AED certified.

As always the eternal light in me honors the eternal light in you!


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