Stefan Latanowski

Ham, Richmond
United Kingdom

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Specialist Physiotherapist (BSc MCSP HPC Reg.) & Yoga Teacher (RYS 500 trained)

Founder of 'Yogi Physio' - providing Holistic Physiotherapy, Yoga & Massage for Adults and Children (including Special Needs).

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Yoga has become the essence of who I am I strive to spread its light to all those who are open to explore its depth, whatever the goal may be, either 1-1 or within small groups (private or open community).

I truly believe in using a combination of both Western and Eastern traditions when striving for optimum happiness and health and ensure that time is dedicated each day to carrying out my own essential practices and also to engaging in the ongoing learning that allows me to serve others to the very best of my ability.

The combination of my studies/work experience around the world and my dedicated lifestyle has developed a strong clinical reasoning for my teaching alongside an essential instinct and intuition which I am then able to use in conjunction with my vast knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

I truly believe in the paramount importance of maintaining adequate care and attention for our bodies, allowing for optimum performance and function both physically and mentally. It is through this special attention that we owe to ourselves, that we can maximise our quality of life and continue to protect our health and well being. The human body has such an incredible capacity to continually work towards healing itself to its optimum possible state when it is simply given the chance to do so. It is this natural focus that I incorporate into my own lifestyle, including a fulfilling and satisfying vegan diet. It is a natural approach that I promote in all of my teachings too.


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