Stefani Manger

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Born and raised in Brooklyn/Staten Island NYC, Stefani was always drawn to dance, disco roller rinks and underground music scenes, which all inspire and blend into her Yogaworks method style of teaching. Her classes are designed to focus the student inward with attention to alignment and breath, while being fun, non-competitive, challenging and meditative - incorporating the healing powers of music, yoga philosophy, aromatherapy and laughter. She loves to share her experiences and continuing education with other practioners of all levels.

She’s been a student of yoga for 10+ years, initially introduced through the Astanga method in which she practiced daily in the Mysore style for 2 years at Ahimsa Yoga in Silverlake and with Jois during his visit to Encinitas, CA (World Tour in 2000). This is where she experienced the transformative powers of yoga and was hooked!

A portion of Stefani's income goes to support the following charities and causes: ASPCA, PETA: People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, Women for Women International, Girl Up, LA Animal Services, and she organizes canned food collections from her students to donate to the LA Food Banks.

Stefani is also a freelance Graphic Designer/Art Director for the entertainment industry, designing movie posters and DVD packaging in Hollywood at client's advertising studios as well at her home office in Silverlake. She goes home to NYC 4x a year to keep her grounded to her roots and her family and to eat a good slice of pizza while walking down the street.


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