Stefania Oliveira

Varanasi Uttar Pradesh

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Stefânia is a Certified Evolation Yoga teacher with a passion for meditation and its ability to unlock deeper levels of self-awareness in each individual. Having witnessed the power of these ancient traditions in improving mental and physical strength, flexibility and balance during sessions as well as in the long term, she integrates these tools while teaching to share their enduring impact with others.
Stefânia’s introduction to yoga came 7 years ago via hot yoga. Stirred by its influence, she began her “journey within” soon after. In a process of intrepid exploration, with diligent practice and careful reflection, she has gained new perspectives and insights with each opportunity.
Experiencing for herself the multi-faceted positive change that yoga has brought to her body and mind. Stefânia was inspired to teach in order to give the same illumination and warmth to others.
Teaching from the heart rooted in these deep-seated truths, she hopes to enable others to feel good and learn from her experience, even as she continues to learn daily in each class she teaches.
Stefânia is currently developing Yoga Retreats in Nepal and has plans in the intermediate future to expand to other countries, sharing this precious cultural heritage with the world.


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