Stefanie Blaskowitz


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I used to work in the fitness industry teaching different styles of high intensity classes flavored with long-hold stretching poses. Little did I know this would later link me to yin yoga. During all those years I rolled and played with all kinds of yoga styles and teachers in order to find my home in old school power yoga, yin yoga and anatomy training, which all blend into my way of teaching yoga from a functional approach: respecting everyone’s unique bodies.

In my classes I encourage each and every one of my students to work with their individual bodies and offers a multitude of options so everyone in class can benefit for their unique needs. So to create a safe environment for every yogi – from first time participant too long time experienced yogis and yoga teachers. My classes are always mixed level but she ensures that everyone will be challenged in one way or another. By leading you in a playful and humorous way through strong, vigorous power yoga flows, my classes ensure that you can distance yourself from the daily sources of stress. In her yin yoga classes, you will find yourself guided safely to a journey of deep tissue relaxation.

There’s only one prerequisite: bring a smile!


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