Stefanie Dauser

Monchique - Algarve

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I am a Massage Therapist, Massage Therapist for Pregnant Women, Kids Yoga Teacher and Relaxation Trainer by heart. If you are looking for a special holiday

I've started practicing yoga because of my back pain years ago, my mind became more peaceful and quiet during emotional up and downs and gave my live the balance I needed.

It connected me with the Art of Massage and I discovered how beautiful it is to use my hands to give something to the people, that pure energy that was stuck inside me became something useful.

When I came to Portugal it was like a big door opened and the door sign said "welcome home" ..

Together with my friends from the Quinta Algarve and Yoga Teachers from Germany or local Teachers we I am hosting Yoga Retreats and Hiking Retreats several times a year.

Practicing Yoga with Kids is very energetic and the kids are learning very playful to feel their body and calm dow their mind. So much joy spread by the kids - very heart opened.

You can go on a hike with me trough the beautiful nature of the Algarve Portugal or attend one of the yoga retreats I am hosting several times a year. Or bring your whole family to the Quinta - it´s magic!


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