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„let the beauty of what you love be what you do „ Rumi

I was 4 years young , rather small compared to others and had so much energy which had to be channeled in Ballett and Gymnastics. I practiced every day with joy and happiness.
I was 16 when out of tiny little me all of a sudden turned a teenager of 180 cm and my chance to become a professional dancer faded and I had to understand that life led me on another path.
Still moving with an tremendous power I started athletics, played Hockey , trained kick boxing and went to gym every day.

Different challenges in life, working as an interpreter and model, later on as an agent for different high end fashion labels and being a single mother, I had to realize that there was a need in balancing my stressful fast running life. It was obvious my body and mind had to be protected from burning out and wasting energy.

By chance I got in touch with Yoga and I was ready to follow the Yoga path after a one week yoga retreat in Tuscany. My first teachers -Veronika Hug and Paul Dallaghan - opened my eyes,mind and heart with their wonderful sense as yoga teachers and being path makers in my life.

Still working in fashion I practiced Yoga every morning and it made my day.
There was no doubt to get up earlier and be prepared for the every day challenges by yoga self practice even when nights were short and the to do list was never ending.

Till today I gain energy trough Yoga instead of loosing it, release my hips and support my back, bend back and open my heart, stand on my head and change my point of view ,sit with an upright back , have a deep breath and a smile.
Yoga helped me to develop serenity ,awareness and gratitude . I love to accompany my students and give them what my teachers offered me. Thanks to my teachers as well as to my students!
Yoga is a gift for a wonderful life.


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