Stefanie Tatalias

Anchorage, AK
United States

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Twenty years ago, living in the hedonistic paradise of Amsterdam, yoga called to me. This Iyengar studio attempted to teach me discipline. At least a seed was planted and I traveled the world studying many styles, finding a Raja Yogi in Florida who showed me the joy of yoga beyond asana. Ready to let yoga root deep in me, I indulged in a nine-month course at Samadhi Yoga in Seattle, gaining my teaching certificate in 2006. Ancient texts and living mentors like Hareesh, Adyashanti, Pema Chodron, and Michael Singer continue to shed light on the mystery of life for me every day. I am still a hedonist at heart—I like to have fun—but it looks different…though I firmly believe: even moderation in moderation. I teach everything from flow to restorative, but after 10 years of teaching, the gentler classes are a sweet spot, for when we allow the body to soften, the mind and heart will often follow, and in today’s busy world, I think we can all use some unwinding.


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