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United Kingdom
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I have been practicing yoga for the last eleven years and have pursued in-depth studies in different styles, while my foundational teacher training has been with Shiva Rea, in the tradition of Prana Flow Yoga. Prana Flow is a vinyasa-based system, with a Tantric foundation, incorporating elements of Bhakti Yoga, Ayurveda and Western Somatics. I have completed two additional trainings in Chakra/Tantra Yoga, which is my main area of specialisation. I have also been trained in the more slow-placed, meditative approach of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation and have attended several workshops on Tantric Meditation and Visualisation.

I am closely connected and have studied extensively with the Bihar School of Yoga, in the Satyananda Ashram in Athens. I am deeply influenced by their teachings on classical hatha, bhakti and karma yoga and on yogic philosophy and psychology.

My passion for the wisdom and potential of the ancient tradition of yoga and the Tantric system of the chakras, in particular, inspired me to concentrate my postgraduate research project on the parallels between Tantra Yoga and Medieval Alchemy, and I have completed a piece of work, titled: 'Turning base metals into gold, Spiritualising the human body; The Stages of Medieval Alchemy and the Chakra System of Kundalini Yoga as parallel paths to Individuation', which is now under review for publication. The process of researching this fascinating subject has significantly enhanced my understanding of the art and science of yoga and has greatly enriched my teaching with elements that highlight and promote its authentic purpose, as a holistic system of psycho-spiritual development, drawing from the ancient, original teachings and practices.

My life-long love of movement and dance led me to complete a level I and a level II training in JourneyDance, a form of creative, spiritual-based movement discipline, which incorporates dance, both free and choreographed, visualisation and ritual. JourneyDance is based on the chakras and the arc of the class is woven as we dance through each element associated with the respective chakras (earth, water, fire, air, space). I have also been trained in different disciplines of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Movement Therapy, which has offered me invaluable knowledge and experience of the healing potential and the unlimited wisdom of the human body.

In addition to being a Yoga and JourneyDance teacher and Somatic Movement Therapy practitioner, I am also a qualified Integrative/Jungian psychotherapist, Reiki Master and Reiki Drum practitioner.
In my teaching of yoga, I combine elements from all of my trainings and specialisations, in order to create a complete, truly transformational experience.

I deeply believe in the therapeutic potential of yoga, which is all the more enhanced when combined with other disciplines, such as talk therapy, body psychotherapy and energy healing. As an integrative, holistic practitioner, I specialise in womens' issues, and particularly in the treatment of food and body image difficulties, and I am passionate about helping women heal their relationship with food and fall in love with their bodies. Yoga, with its teachings on body awareness, self-acceptance, relaxation and balance, is an incredible, powerful resource, which largely informs my approach to therapy and healing.

I mainly teach privately, on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. This offers me the opportunity to tailor each class to the individual's unique needs and interests and to create a safe environment, facilitating deep exploration, healing and growth.

Classes that are offered:
Prana Flow Yoga
Chakra Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga
Yin Yoga
Mindful Yoga
Relaxation, Meditation, Visualisation


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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