Steph Robinson-Budd

United Kingdom

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Fully Qualified 'Hot Power' Vinyasa Yoga teacher since 3rd August 2014. Mum of 4 children, with a hectic lifestyle I thought it best to do something that I love and am passionate about especially coming from a dance background, yoga felt a perfect opportunity to allow me to juggle between the school run and a flexible commitment providing a service to others who generally need time out from everyday stresses.
Currently working more closely with one to one students to offer a personal service at a discounted price enabling each individual the chance to grow their practice / journey to a level where they feel most comfortable, prior to working within a small group especially feeling like it's an additional expense they don't need. My passion is challenging the body to his edge throughout a sequence of movement involving power, co-ordination, improving posture alignment, balancing, core strengthening and muscle lengthening, giving each asana the capacity that feels dynamic enough to quieten the mind, whilst fully utilising breathe control. A fun loving free spirit in the hope that my students feel inspired to want to grow together as a small family community.


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