Steph Schwartz

Boulder, CO
United States

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Steph Schwartz loves connecting people to their awesomeness through dynamic yoga flows and heart-opening chanting. A yogi since 1999, she discovered Ashtanga yoga while training for ultra marathons in Boulder, CO. She realized the challenges she faced on the trail were no different than the challenges she faced on her mat, and wanted to help others realize their strengths, to let their awesomeness and authenticity shine out into the world.

Steph completed her 200 hour teaching training with CorePower Yoga in 2006, and in 2009 she completed Janet Stone's vinyasa teacher training. Since 2007, Steph has managed studios and led / co-led dozens of teacher trainings certified by Yoga Alliance. She currently leads the 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training at Yoga Loft in Boulder, CO. Steph loves engaging with students, and her classes are creative, fun and challenging, and focus on breath and alignment through concise cueing and hands-on adjustments.

In 2013 Steph received training on Somatics, the the practice of learning from the body up rather than the mind down; of learning from the inside out, connecting with the bodily sensations in the moment to break through patterns of feeling stuck in the past or living in the future. Steph teaches from the Somatic perspective to help students engage the richness of each moment as they learn to tap into the wisdom of their bodies and bring the power of this knowledge to their yoga practice and daily life. She is passionate about the spiritual practice of Kirtan and opens and closes each class with heart-opening chants.

Steph has studied Kirtan (chanting) since 2011, writes original chants, and coaches Kirtan Leaders. Steph is active within her local community, bringing people together to build a strong sense of community and connection through Kirtan events, workshops and training programs.

Off the mat you will find the ever-adventurous Steph leading Kirtan events, on the trails with her dog Boogie Woogie, mountain biking, or jumping out of airplanes!

8:45am C2 CorePower Yoga SOBO
5:30pm All Levels Yoga Loft

9am C2 CorePower Yoga NOBO
6:30pm C2 CorePower Yoga NOBO

Noon C2 CorePower Yoga NOBO
5pm C2 CorePower Yoga NOBO

1:30pm C2 CorePower Yoga NOBO
6:30pm C2 CorePower Yoga NOBO

5:30pm Happy Hour Flow! Yoga Loft


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