Stephanie Dull

Bloomington, IN
United States

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I have been a yoga teacher since 2006, and I have been practicing since my senior year in high school (which you will have to guess). Beyond that, I have an extensive dance background. Body movement is what I know. I come to teach each class with the idea of having fun, but also offering a moment in your day for connection back to who it is you really want to be. We all lead such responsible and busy lives, so our yoga practice can be a place to fuel creativity, passions, energy, and love of life. It also can be a place to really unload the mental and physical heaviness we carry with us. As a mother of three children and a woman who loves to set goals, yoga is my sanctuary. I love teaching a strong vinyasa class with flowing music, a powerfully challenging sculpt or TRX, healing yin, supportive pre-natal, and fun kids yoga classes.
One thing I know for sure is that we are all creatures of habit, and we form our habits through familiarity. By making a yoga practice part of our daily familiarity we can change what we are able, and learn to tolerate what cannot be changed. When you come to one of my classes expect to be challenged. Whether the challenge comes to you through new postures or the art of being still, it is my hope for you to learn that you are more than capable and you are more than worthy of fulfilling greatness. I hope to see you on your mat.


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