Stephanie Geronimo

Anna, TX
United States

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Stephanie has practiced in the medical field over fourteen years specializing in cardiology. In 2013 a series of accidents left her confined to a walker. She began to question her medical knowledge with respect to personal nutrition in her own life. She spent the year doing several 60 day juice fasts while dedicating her time to learning every aspect of health as it relates to nutrition. Eventually her body healed and she became walker free.
On September 13, 2014, one day after her 36th birthday, she stepped into Yoga Up and found a way to unite her mind, body and soul creating personal balance, healing and restoration. She learned to respect her limitations while facing and overcoming physical and mental boundaries. Each class left her feeling elated and she found that the work achieved in class spilled over into every aspect of her life.
She is grateful to be apart of the Yoga Up family and enjoys helping others find the gift of movement thru Aerial Yoga.


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