Stephanie Powell

Del Mar, CA
United States

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I am a very experienced certified yoga teacher and fitness
instructor with over 30 years in the fitness industry. My expansive and diverse expertise is in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Power, Sculpt Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, teen/Senior yoga training, Restorative and heated yoga. Known locally for my dynamic sculpt classes and boot-camp style of teaching, my diverse background and fitness knowledge offers several variations of yoga to tone and transform the body. I create a supportive, vigorous and light-hearted class environment with a sense of humor. Through personal and professional experiences, I passionately advocate incorporating a 60-minute, once or twice a week yoga practice. I strongly believe that fitness enthusiast and athletes will gained better balance, strength, flexibility and power. This combination will lesson the risk of injury, quicken recovery time and will improve ones performance in sports. So if you participate competitively in sports or simply are looking for variety in your zest for wellness, attend or schedule a private session with me and conquer muscle imbalance or body mechanic problems, burn fat and build core strength, increase muscle flexibility to improve your balance and muscle endurance.


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