Stephanie Quigley

Juneau, AK
United States

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2) I have been practicing yoga since being introduced to it in a dance class - it became
evident that this energy resounded deep within me and I kept an sketchy practice for
many years until 1990 when I began in earnest to follow tradition and have continued
with practice that evolved into Ashtanga yoga 20 years ago. My experience has seen
many teacher workshops with David Swenson, David Williams and Stan Hefner
including Lex Gillian with Buddhist and Vipassana meditation studies. Sri K, Pattabhi Jois
had a profound and lasting impact on my complete devotion to this tradition and
manifested truly in my soul when I attended a workshop early 2000 with his son,
Sri Manju Jois - his spirit and sincerity resounded with a commitment that he would
forever be my teacher. I attended many of his workshops and followed his method of
pranayama and chanting techniques. I have been teaching Ashtanga yoga for 16 years
and have owned a studio in Juneau, Alaska for 8 years.


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