Stephanie Shepard

Interlochen, MI
United States

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Stephanie Shepard, CYT, Level III Reiki Master

I began practicing yoga as a teenager more than twenty years ago, in Southern California. Yoga has transformed my life many times and in many ways, and the purpose of my practice has evolved over the years. When I began practicing in my teens, it was for the sole purpose of physical fitness. A serious, life-threatening injury in my early twenties brought me back to yoga as a means of physical therapy and rehabilitation. In my late twenties, as my adult life took on new responsibilities, and with them new pressures, I found yoga to be a boundless source of renewal and stress relief. Most recently, when my family faced great tragedy and difficulty, yoga became my saving grace. The strength and serenity I found on the mat carried me throughout my day and the arduous journey I faced, and my practice finally reached a spiritual level. I have found this to be the greatest gift of my practice.

Realizing the tangible benefits of yoga, I understood that I was ready to give back and help others to realize the benefits of this age-old method of self transformation.

Having gained so much from yoga throughout my life, I am a firm believer that there is no “wrong” reason for coming to the mat. I see yoga as a method for personal transformation in body, mind, and spirit, and I am excited to share it with my students in a positive, open, and energetic atmosphere.


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