Stephanie Staniforth

Calgary, AB

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have cherished my Yoga practice since the age of 15 and can truly say that after all these years my yoga mat remains my refuge, playground, and classroom. My practice is both active and restorative, Yin and Yang, as I believe both elements are required for a balanced body and mind. On the one hand I love to play with handstands, arm balances and fun contortionist-like moves, finding strength and stability in my body; On the other hand, I am a committed meditation practitioner and am extremely passionate about Yin Yoga.

Over the years of my practice, I have had the privilege to learn from many amazing teachers. I am registered under Yoga Alliance as "E-YRT 500" but over the years have accumulated over 1000 hours of training in the disciplines of Vinyasa, Hatha, Anusara, Athlete Specific, and Yin Yoga. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Eastern Religious Studies as well as an Education Degree from the University of Calgary. I am so grateful for my teachers Dr. Adela Sandness, Yogi Vishvaketu, Kevin Elandar, Bernie Clark, Jules Mitchell and most recently Sarah and Ty Powers, with whom I am currently mentoring under as a part of the Insight Yoga Institute.
Despite the help I have had from many amazing teachers, I firmly believe that learning must come from practice, which is what I share with my students. I like to think of myself more as a "practice sharer", rather than a yoga teacher. My mission in the role of "teacher" is to help my students discover their own potential for practice. As the Buddha said: “No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”


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